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Arrival, Dismissal &

Transportation Procedures

General Info

All adults must check in to receive a visitor’s badge if they are entering the building at any time to visit the cafeteria or the classroom.  (Even district employees)  Please note: You will be asked to leave items for the classroom, notes, etc with the front office as teachers begin supervising students and teaching morning intervention at 7:25 am and are unavailable to meet with parents at that time. 

School Hours

o   7:10 Students may enter the building

o   7:25 Students report to their home room (Release Bell Rings)

o    7:45 School breakfast ends

o   7:55 The Instructional day begins (Tardy Bell Rings)

o   2:25 Walkers dismissed

o   2:35 Buses Depart

o   2:35 Car Riders Dismissed

*Students may not be checked out after 1:45 for safety reasons

Carpool map 07-2019.png

Arrival Info

  • Carpool and walk-up drop off in the morning starts at 7:15 am.

  • If students arrive prior to 7:25 am, they will go to the cafeteria. Starting at 7:25 am, they go to their classrooms.

  • School begins at 7:55 am. 

  • If they arrive after 7:55 they are tardy and must be checked in at the front office by their guardian.

Dismissal Info

Dismissal Info

  • Laurel Ridge Students are dismissed as bus riders, van riders (daycare vans), walkers/bike riders, car riders (carpool). 

  • At Open House you will fill out a form letting the school/teacher know your student's regular dismissal arrangements.

  • If you need to change your child’s regular dismissal arrangements on a given day, all changes need to be received in writing. You must send a note or email to your child’s teacher as well as Ms. Townes and Mr. McKinley in the front office.  All changes need to be made prior to 1:00 pm.

  • Students may not be checked out after 1:45 for safety reasons.

  • Dismissal starts with bus riders and day care vans first at 2:25 pm, then walkers and bike riders by the gym, and then car riders. Students in Eagles Landing aftercare is the last group to dismiss. 

  • Car pool pick-up in the afternoons begins around 2:40 pm. Do not enter the school driveway until all buses have left the loop in front of the school.

  • The carpool drivers line up on Balsam and Laurel Ridge Drive. Drivers must enter the transportation loop by making a right-hand turn from Balsam. See Car Pool Map for all specifics. 

  • Car riders must be picked up no later than 2:55 pm or they will be enrolled in the aftercare program at the parent/guardian’s expense.

Walkers & Bikers

Walkers & Bikers

  • All PreK-5 Walkers and bike riders will be picked up by the middle doors by the playground.

  • A teacher from each grade level will be present to release students to their designated guardian. 

  • There is a crossing guard (usually Ms.Sandra) in the front of the school at the corner of Balsam and Shetland-please cross in the crosswalk there. 

  • There is a bike rack outside the front of the gym for students to lockup their bikes.

  • If your child is walking to school, please encourage them to remain on sidewalks at all times.

Car riders & Carpool Info

Car riders & Carpool Info

  • Safety must be everyone's priority. 

  • Car pool pick-up in the afternoons begins at approximately 2:40 pm.

  • Please stay in your car and allow students to exit the car independently with their things.

  • Pull all as far forward in the transportation loop as possible before stopping for your child to exit the car.

  • Students are to enter/exit the car from the right-hand side/passenger side ONLY.

  • No cell phone use in or idling in carpool line. 

  • Only park in designated spaces.  If your child needs assistance getting in and out of the car, please pull into the parking lot in front of the school.

  • At Open House car riders will receive a dismissal car tag. Please make sure your dismissal car tag is visible either hanging from your rearview mirror or on your dashboard.

  • Car riders must be picked up no later than 2:55 pm or they will be enrolled in the aftercare program at the parent/guardian’s expense.

Bus Riders & Bus Route Info

  • Dismissal starts with bus riders and day care vans first at 2:25 pm

  • Buses are labeled with bus route number on the windshield and door. 

  • Questions about bus routes or scheduling delays should be directed to DCSD Transportation Dispatch 

  • an adult must meet all K-3 students at the bus stop unless they are with a 4th + grade sibling. If no one is there to meet the child, they will be returned to school.

  • bus routes are posted on DCSD site here and outside the cafeteria

  • students must follow DCSD code of conduct on buses

  • cell phone use is not permitted on buses

Additional Resources

  • students who are van riders will wait in the gym with a teacher until their van arrives 

  • daycares must pickup no later than 2:35pm

  • *current list of daycares that pickup will be posted as soon as we have it

Van Riders / Daycare Pick-up

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