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May LRES Community and Culture Corner: Celebrating The AANHPI Community

LRES DEI May Bulletin Board - Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Our final LRES DEI bulletin board for the 2023-2024 school year celebrates Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Month!

On it, you will find educational resources that celebrate the large and diverse AANHPI community. We hope to foster a sense of curiosity about others, help members of this part of our community to see themselves represented, and combat bias and stereotypes.  

LRES DEI May Bulletin Board - Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

The bulletin board features several children's books about the AANHPI community and culture that make great summer reads: "When Lola Visits" is the story of the special bond and cultural gifts shared between Lola, a Filipino grandmother, and her Filipino-American granddaughter.  "Eyes that Kiss in the Corners" is an empowering story that celebrates the beauty of East Asian eyes. Visit your local Dekalb County public libraries for these and more.  Check out the QR codes if you are in the cafeteria, and ask your LRES students to tell you what they have learned.

During times like these, we are grateful for the diverse and affirming community at LRES and are reminded of the critical need for cross-cultural empathy and understanding. Many of us are struggling with the violence in Israel and Gaza and the ways in which this conflict is being played out on college campuses. As we struggle with this ourselves, we may feel at a loss about how and whether to talk to our kids about what is happening.

Here are some resources developed by pediatricians and child psychologists to help guide your decision about whether and how much to share with your kids about this conflict and ways to support them. 

Have a wonderful summer, and please reach out to our committee at if you would like to be involved or have suggestions. We are always looking to increase our representation and ensure that we have authentic cultural content for our bulletin boards.

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