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Room Parents

What is a Room Parent? 

Room parents are the main liaison between your child’s teacher, the classroom families, and the PTA. As a room parent, your job is to assist the teacher in disseminating important information from the teacher and PTA and to organize selected classroom events, such as the winter holiday party, book parade, and end-of-year celebration. 

Here are some of the room parent responsibilities through the year:

  • Email/hard-copy communications to parents to coordinate help for school events and special projects in the classroom

  • Coordinator of funds collection for school/class activities

  • Some events room parents help coordinate include: Field Day, Winter Holiday PartyTeacher/Staff Appreciation Week, and the Book Parade. 

Are you thinking about being a room parent?

The PTA has the tools, and information Room Parents will need to fulfill the role. Talk to your child's teacher during the open house if you decide to become the class rep. Our room parent coordinator will communicate with you and send an electronic copy to room parents of the class contact list, more information about communication tools and resources, and other special things to consider.

Please note: Our room parent coordinator disseminates information to each room parent to facilitate communication from the PTA. We do not get an email back from the room parent unless they have questions. If you do not hear from your room parent, reach out to our room parent coordinator to identify the problem or to volunteer for the role if the person who volunteered cannot fulfill it anymore. 

Additional questions? Contact our PTA Room Parent Coordinator


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