Laurel Ridge Elementary School PTA
2021-2022 Sponsorship Program

We are pleased to offer the following levels of sponsorship for Laurel Ridge Elementary (LRES) School. As a sponsor, your business will be exposed to more than 300 families in our area. We currently have over 700 newsletter subscribers and over 300 members of our PTA’s private Facebook group.


Your support will help us improve our school with short and long-term projects, quality enrichment programs for our students, give training opportunities to teachers, and show appreciation for faculty and staff. Please email us at for more information and visit our PTA Store to submit your sponsorship!

Thank You post on private Facebook group and main page of PTA website
¼ page color section in LRES yearbook
Includes Gold, Silver and Bronze benefits

Section in bi- weekly newsletter Eagle Flyer for 4 issues
Includes Silver and Bronze benefits


Promotional fliers distributed to school
Included on LRES yearbook sponsorship page
Includes Bronze benefits

Logo and link in newsletter and mention on sponsorship website
Facebook mention
Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

Food Donation
Thank you message on LRES PTA Facebook page and newsletter
Opportunity to distribute fliers or coupons at event
Opportunity to distribute promo item (supplied by vendor)