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Staff Spotlight: Ms. McKenzie

It’s time for another Staff spotlight.

For educators, fourth grade is a magical time as students become more curious and independent, begin to see the ‘bigger world’ around them (including social issues), and become more open to learning new ideas. Right on the boundary between small children and older kids, there is never a dull moment in fourth grade where there is still plenty of fun and lots of imagination for students and teachers alike. We’re excited to profile our new fourth-grade teacher in the latest faculty and staff spotlight. Find more information about Ms. McKenzie below! 1. Welcome to Laurel Ridge! What grade do you currently teach? I am currently a 4th-grade teacher. 2. How long have you been a teacher? I’ve been a teacher for 14 amazing years!

3. What’s your secret sauce for keeping kids motivated throughout the day?

I think engaging lessons and activities are key to keeping kids motivated and excited about learning.

4. What’s a slogan that best describes your teaching style?

"Education is not the filing of a pail but the lighting of a fire." - William Butler Yeats

5. What’s your favorite thing about being a teacher?

Watching children's eyes light up when they learn something new.

6. Snow or sand?

Snow because I prefer colder weather over hot weather. If I had to choose a vacation spot, I would pick sand because I’d rather vacation at the beach since I can’t ski!

7. If you could instantly become fluent in another language, what language would it be?

It would be Spanish because I can moderately read, write, and speak Spanish. I would love to become instantly fluent.

8. If you were forced to sing karaoke, what song would you choose and why?

None, because I can't carry a tune! :)

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